Brando (age 9 as of October 2017) is HSSC’s “Forever Foster” Sheltie!  He cannot be adopted-out to a new home due to his special needs, and our club has decided to take loving care of Brando as our “resident” forever-foster Sheltie.

Brando is blind, and has other special behavioral needs.  He is living safely, happily and lovingly in the home of one of our long-time member couples, both who have experience caring for Shelties with special needs.

Please meet… Brando!

A Forever Foster is a Sheltie that has issues that may be seen as not adoptable for various reasons. These issues may include, but are not limited to, age, medical, or issues with temperament.  HSSC Rescue takes full responsibility for the Shelties in our care.  All the Forever Fosters receive veterinary medical care and the training needed to help them from day to day.  They all live in foster homes and are treated as one of the foster home's own dogs.  We do not have a time limit during which a Sheltie may stay in HSSC Rescue.  Our goal is to help them to be happy and healthy as long as they are with us.

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